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Sole / Senegalese sole / Sole du Sénégal / Llenguado / Solea senegalensis

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Sole’s production technology, in both Solea solea and Solea Senegalensis, is reaching a similar level to that of other marine species.


Since the beginning, DIBAQ has been part of the development of sole feeding for both young fish stage and fattening. This is why, nowadays, Dibaq has a proved line of adapted products to specific needs of this fish. Attraction, digeribility, palatability and water stability have been the main features added to its design due to the fact that they are basic for a sole's correct diet.






Distribution: In the Atlantic Ocean, from the Gulf of Vizcaya to Senegal coasts. There are not so many soles in Western Mediterranean Sea.


Feeding: It eats small benthic invertebrates, poliquets' larvae and bivalve molluscs as well as small crustaceans.


Fishing: It is fished with trammel net and bottom trawl.


Breeding: Tanks and ponds.


Reproduction: Sexual maturity is reached when it is 11.81 in big. It spawns between March and June.

Cultivation of Larvae

Temperature 64.4-68ºF
Salinity 30-35 per mille
Oxygen > 7 ppm
Density 3.41-56.8 l/p
Survival 30-40%
Egg diameter 0.04 in
Larva’s length 0.09 in


Temperature 60.8-71.6ºF
Salinity 30-35 per mille
Oxygen > 5 ppm
Load 6.13-10.22 lb/ft2
Duration 18 months
Final weight 0.66-0.88 lb
Survival 85%
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