Our experience in growth

Dibaq Aquiculture is a Spanish company, founded in 1987. From our beginnings, we have been strongly involved in the history of Mediterranean aquiculture, then just beginning to be a productive reality with an increasingly promising future. Our vocation for participating in international markets has permitted our rapid growth, earning us the recognition of the sector in many countries considered excellent references in aquiculture.

As a dynamic, forward-looking company, we have always spent an important slice of our resources and development, to continually improve our farm-fish food.

Our main principle is to cooperate with the client, to acheive our common goals. The experience of the professionals that make up our human teams is our best guarantee to successfully face up to the new challenges and new opportunities arising in aquaculture.

Our production centres, equipped with the most advanced fish food manufacturing technologies, offer our clients complete alimentation programmes, that can adapt sucessfully to different farming conditions.

At Dibaq Aquaculture, we treat client expectations as if they were our own, and dedicate our illusion and knowhow to an activity in which we firmly believe.


With the aim of obtaining the satisfaction of our customers , we have implemented a system of total quality living, evolutionary, and permanent, which fits the requirements of the common market as well as their needs.

This system is applied in all departments and at all stages of the process, starting with the selection, approval and integration of suppliers in our circuit of quality, continuing with the production process, the analysis of raw materials and finished product, as well as handling, packaging, storage, transportation and unloading of each product until it reaches the customer, thus fulfilling the highest quality standards.

Total quality

Our quality control department is the best guarantee we can offer our clients. It is an analytic quality system that allows us to supervise the whole manufacturing process in every step, since we get the raw materials until the product gets to its destination.

A strict selection and control program is applied to all our raw materials suppliers and we demand them exactly the same things that our clients demand us: Security and homogeneity and thus, we are able to supply every day a quality and homogeneous product.

Quality is business culture and our workers get it by means of formation and improvement classes so thus, every member of this company has the same and clear concept of the quality that our market demands us.

The communication among our different departments through quality meetings is the quickest way to be able to guarantee our products.