The research makes us grow

Our Advanced technology in the field of extrusion, together with the ability of micromoler ingredients that make up the feed, Dibaq is facing as a producer of food for fish of all the ages.

The possibility of incorporating nutrient sensitive Thermo post-extrusion, as well as fresh raw materials, thanks to our sophisticated equipment, leads to the fact that food produced by Dibaq are of exquisite quality.

I + D + i

The design of new forms of food that will allow us to continue to improve in productive results, the development of diets for new species, the adoption of new systems of manufacture and checking of its better industrial results, are some of the lines of work of our r & dDepartment.

A company that wants to continue to grow in the future must always pay priority attention to the research.

Collaboration with official centres through the implementation of research programmes in different lines of work is a necessary bet.

Have an international market allows us to have a broad and view updated aquaculture, capture new needs and proposals and try to adapt the best solutions…


We have the most modern facilities of our sector.

Our commitment to research, development and innovation is our bet for the future.

Equipment, machinery, laboratories, warehouses… have to evolve in accordance with the requirements of this premise. It is the only path to the commitment that all which compose the human team of Dibaq wish: maximum quality… quality Dibaq.