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Dibaq Aquaculture: leaders in aquaculture nutrition, health and wellness

At the beginning we were involved in the development of Mediterranean aquaculture, which at that time was a reality with an increasingly promising future. Since then, and throughout all these years, our vocation to participate in international markets has enabled our rapid growth, achieving recognition of the sector in many countries considered to be excellent references for aquaculture.

Our passion for what we do and our extensive experience allow us to offer a great catalogue of products and services related to the care and feeding of deep sea and inland aquaculture fish: from making tailor-made feeds to the continuous monitoring of fish and individualised nutritional advice. And not only that: Thanks to our close collaboration with Derwent Group, we have been working on the internationalisation of our products and services for over 30 years, as well as helping with our know-how any customers who want to start new aquaculture projects (with engineering, trading or nutrition services).


Our nutrition programs and solutions are the result of high-quality, sustainable raw materials, a commitment to the most innovative technology and processes, and safe and controlled production. Furthermore, as a dynamic company that is committed to the future, we have always devoted a significant part of our resources to research and development, seeking continuous improvement. Our goal To provide feed and services adapted to each species, according to their needs, characteristics and living conditions.

And we do all of this with our vocation of customer service in mind to achieve our common goals. The experience of the professionals that make up our team is our best guarantee to face all the challenges and new opportunities that arise in aquaculture.

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We feel that authenticity inspires our lives and we are excited to share this legacy with the world.

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We want to continue to contribute in a sustainable way, together with our stakeholders, to building a better world for aquaculture fish.

To this end, we focus our greatest efforts on research, development and innovation in techniques, processes and products to provide the best solutions in animal nutrition, health and welfare.

And all this without forgetting the happiness of our Team and caring for the environment.

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Thanks to our experience, the passion of our team and the quality of our nutrition programs and services, we are proud to say that our personal brand speaks of Trust, Transparency, Consistency, Honesty and Safety.

We also like to assure the welfare of our stakeholders, from our customers and suppliers to our competitors, collaborators or social groups with which we collaborate, which we also consider a part of our family. So our relationship with them is based on the 4Hs: Humanity, Humility, Honesty and Humour.



Thanks to the support of all those around us, we see a very promising future, without losing sight of our main pillars. They define us as a company involved with what we offer, interested in the development of our Team and our community.