Our passion for the world of aquaculture and our investment in research enable us to offer feed and nutritional solutions adapted to the needs and life cycle of different fish species, both salt water and fresh water ones.


To achieve the best results, we work together with our customers and their production plants to offer nutritional solutions tailored to every circumstance. Our formula Sustainable raw materials of first quality, extensive investment in innovation and research, use of innovative techniques and processes, and a great team of professionals able to provide advisory at every stage.


In addition, thanks to our Quality Control Department, we have a quality analytical system that allows for the monitoring of the entire production process in each of its phases, from the receipt of raw materials to the arrival of the product. We apply a rigorous program of selection and control of raw materials on our suppliers and we demand the same thing that our customers ask from us, safety and standardisation, with the intention of arriving every day to their installations with a quality product, standardised and with traceability regarding results.


Among the species we work with and the products we offer, we highlight those we present below. But if you are looking for special nutritional services for these or other species, please do contact us. No matter where you are, at Dibaq we are at your side, working day by day to develop novel feeds for all kinds of fish.


With the goal of obtaining the satisfaction of all our customers, we have implemented a system of total quality: live, evolutionary, and permanent, which is adapted to the requirements and needs of the market. This system is applied in all the departments and in all the phases of the process, starting with the selection, approval and integration of the suppliers in our quality circuit, continuing with the production process, the analysis of raw materials and finished products, as well as the handling, packaging, storage, transport and unloading of each product until its arrival at the customer’s premises, thus meeting the highest quality standards.

Our passion for what we do, together with this commitment to quality, has enabled us to obtain two certificates of great international recognition within the aquaculture sector: Global G.A.P. and BAP.