As an aquaculture feed company with a global presence, Dibaq Aquaculture is ideally positioned to contribute to the development of more sustainable feed production.

By 2050, the world’s population will have grown to nearly 10 billion people. At the same time, rising urban areas and rising incomes are changing dietary preferences and there is an increasing demand for animal protein. Through our purpose of feeding the population of the future, we are committed to producing feed that provides food safety in a sustainable manner. At Dibaq Aquaculture we are highly focused on reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact.

The final quality of fish is a major concern for most members of the aquaculture industry. Obtaining a rich and nutritious fish fillet involves the entire production chain: From a careful selection of raw materials to produce feed for the fish, through the production stages to an adequate strategy for the final consumer. Thanks to these efforts, today we see that fish farming is developing under the best conditions, through optimal nutrition and an adequate cultivation strategy, achieving the production potential of the fish, ensuring efficient but at the same time sustainable production. To achieve this, the industry is working on improvements at all levels, ensuring a product with better cost efficiency, also focusing on the perception of a more complete experience for the final consumer.