The ingredients we choose to make our formulations may contain up to 60 products to ensure a complete and balanced nutritional profile. We may highlight the following:

– SUSTAINABLE wild-caught fish and crustaceans for ingredients such as fishmeal, crustacean meal and fish oil.

– Agricultural crops such as wheat gluten, corn gluten, soya bean flour, soya bean protein concentrate, rapeseed flour, sunflower flour, lupine flour and fava bean flour.

– By-products of farm land animals such as poultry meal, feather meal, blood meal and bird oil.

– By-products of fish and crustaceans caught in nature, such as fishmeal and crustacean meal.

– By-products of farmed fish and crustaceans, such as fishmeal, crustacean meal, fish oil and salmon oil.

– New ingredients such as insect meal or seaweed oil.

– Microingredients, including vitamin and mineral premixtures, probiotics, nutraceuticals and pigments

We work proactively to fully understand the complexities of all new alternatives from the following perspectives: sustainability, nutrition, quality and safety, regulatory and financial. For us, flexibility is essential.