Novel ingredients are unconventional feeds of plant or animal origin. Throughout the world, the R&D focus on these ingredients has increased with the aim of finding new protein raw materials and alternative sources of long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids for use in aquaculture feeds.

The latest technologies include microbial and insect-based oil and protein sources. Algae oils containing EPA and DHA and high-quality proteins based on different insect species that use waste streams as resources are now commercially available.

It is important to mention that the animal feed industry is subject to extremely strict restrictions in order to ensure that food is not dangerous to human or animal health or to the environment. In aquaculture, feed is closely controlled in terms of raw materials, production conditions and other additives (including preservatives) that may be used to make the fish or prawn safer from the perspective of health and hygiene, and to improve other features. The ingredients used must comply with the laws and regulations governing their use.

Because we take the potential contamination of our feed seriously, DIBAQ AQUACULTURE has a comprehensive quality program, through which we monitor the presence of unwanted substances in raw materials and feed.