On November 22, Dibaq Aquaculture attended the XVIII National Aquaculture Congress in Cádiz. The representation of the company was carried out by our colleague Antonio Garcia, commercial veterinary technician from the Department of Nutrition, Health and Animal Welfare. In this Congress there were both representatives of production companies, aquaculture feed, aquaculture material, vaccines, etc., as well as researchers from the sector from Universities and Research Centers, both nationally and internationally.

During the course of the Congress, the different investigations carried out by researchers and companies were presented, always in the field of aquaculture, related to topics such as pathology, nutrition and food, sustainability, new species, etc.

This Congress was very enriching, since in addition to the interesting presentations, in the coffee-breaks all the attendees met to greet each other and chat. As our colleague Antonio García comments, “it is always nice to be able to meet in person with all the colleagues and friends of the sector and catch up on issues that are not only professional, but also personal, and even more so in a place as wonderful as Cádiz is”.