It´s said that what doesn’t excite doesn’t work. And from Dibaq Aquaculture we have very excitedly launched a new line of floating products for salmonids within our range of premium AquaSafe products. It is a complete, effective, studied and proven update of this range of products.

Our extensive experience in this sector, in which we have been helping our clients to produce excellent quality fish with great performance for more than 35 years, has allowed us to obtain a range of products for salmonids optimized in macro and micronutrient detail to achieve excellent production parameters.

All the formulas of these products use top-quality raw materials, with high levels of EPA and DHA and high ratios of omega-3 and long-chain fatty acids, so important for these species. Without forgetting sustainability, since these products have terrestrial animal proteins selected especially for these species due to their high digestibility and micronutrient composition, although there is the possibility of obtaining these products only with raw materials of marine origin, according to the preferences of our clients.

In order to cover each and every one of the requirements of these species, in addition to the optimal selection of raw materials, we have formulated these products with a high percentage of organic minerals and vitamins, making their bioavailability greater. In addition, the entire range is part of our premium AquaSafe products, not only because of what has been said above, but also because we have focused on the highest possible intestinal health, through compounds such as lysophospholipids, butyrates, monoglycerides, etc. This promotes adequate intestinal health that translates into greater absorbance and use of nutrients, as well as proper immunity.

The Solution T product line is divided into medium and high energy products, wich our customers can select, and is as follows:

  • Solution T 2 mm 48/22.
  • Solution T 3,5 mm 44/25.
  • Solution T 5 y 7 mm S50 41/26.
  • Solution T Energy 3,5 mm S50 41/27.
  • Solution T Energy 5 y 7 mm S50 38/30.