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A full feeding program makes easier for the fish farmer to choose several nutritional choices that fit with different cultivation systems with different nutritional and energetic profiles which have been made with selected raw materials that overcome a strict quality control.

In productive cycles, feeding is the main cost in aquaculture exploitations. The right food’s choice allows us to be always more competitive.

The influence of food in the quality of the final product is an indisputable matter. Consumption markets are more and more demanding. Homogeneity of the final product is always something very appreciated by the consumer and it is linked to the quality of the food that our fishes take.

  •  Distribution: Trout originated in North America but there are trouts in Europe and South America with productive and sportive aims. In some places in the centre and in the southeast of Europe, such as Austria and Yugoslavia, there are still some colonies of this species.
  •  Feeding: Adults’ diet is mainly based on land and aquatic insects, but also in molluscs, crustaceans and small fishes.
  •  Fishing: Fishing with longlines, trammel nets, cane and occasionally drag.
  •  Breeding: Ponds and cages.
  •  Repro: Anonymous species. Spawning season: from November to April. During the spawning season, the female uses its tail to dig a nest in the chippings of the stream bed. After coming out of the egg, the larva eats the umbilical vesicle during some weeks and when the umbilical vesicle has been absorbed, the fish comes out of the chippings ready to eat.
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  • Temperature
    • 46.4-50ºF
  • Ph
    • 6.5-7
  • Oxygen
    • > 5.5 ppm
  • Density
    • 10000-12000 h/t
  • Survival
    • 50-80%
  • Egg diameter
    • 0.14 in
  • Young fish length
    • 0.47-0.79 in
  • Temperature
    • 57.2-60.8ºF
  • Salinity
    • fresh water
  • Oxygen
    • > 6 ppm
  • Load
    • 4.08-8.18 lb/m2
  • Duration
    • 10-13 months
  • Final weight
    • 0.55-0.66 lb
  • Survival
    • 90%