We offer, in addition to feeding and nutritional solutions, 360º services related to the animal health and welfare of aquaculture fish. We provide the following:

  •  Pathology services, diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  •  Continuous monitoring of fish quality
  •  Nutritional advice tailored to every need
  •  And technical and commercial advice.


In addition, in collaboration with our colleagues at Derwent Group, we offer our know-how to those customers who want to start a new engineering project in the aquaculture sector. We offer turnkey project design and execution services, management services, technology contribution or consultancy.Our customers know that they will always have at their disposal a good top-quality Team, with specialists in all the business areas of aquaculture. A group of professionals in different countries, who respond to the daily needs of a constantly evolving sector. A team at their service.

In addition, quality is part of our business culture and it reaches each of our colleagues through training and improvement courses. In this way, all the people who are part of this company have a clear and common concept of the quality that our market demands, and are able to offer the latest innovations.

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Nutrition and Health are two directly related elements in any animal organism. Dibaq Aquaculture has created within the same group the Department of Nutrition, Health and Welfare, where our Health Service offers diagnoses, possible treatments and recommendations in the most agile and quick way possible in case of the needs of our customers, such as outbreaks of mortality or symptomatology related to any pathology. In our laboratory, we process fish and samples and perform diagnostic tests of a histopathological, virological, microbiological and parasitic type using the most modern techniques available today.

In addition, we offer regular visits to national and international customers to evaluate the best way to act on the farm and to establish the best recommendations regarding management, biosafety and treatments. These recommendations are based fundamentally on Nutrition, since at Dibaq Aquaculture we use top-quality raw materials together with natural additives and nutraceuticals that help to prevent the appearance of pathologies and mortality. In this way, we promote what we firmly believe: prevention through food. Among our main range of nutraceuticals are those containing immunostimulant, antiparasitic, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and growth-promoting functions.

Special Programs and Product Lines
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Our commitment to research, development and innovation is our commitment to the future. Equipment, machinery, laboratories, warehouses and other resources have to evolve according to the requirements of this premise. It is the only path to commitment that all of our Team wants: Maximum quality: Dibaq quality.

Thanks to our love of aquaculture and our extensive experience in the sector, we now have the most modern facilities. Our centres are designed to operate uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a level of near-total automation. This enables us to ensure consistent quality production throughout the year.

In addition, in recent years we have invested time and resources in the digital transformation of our production centres with a clear goal in mind: being a 4.0 Industry, getting our machines, processes and people to coexist together in a collaborative information environment. We seek to enable real-time access to information so that we can make better decisions and be responsive.

And not only that: we also have the most innovative machinery and production processes. Our advanced technology in the field of extrusion, together with the ability to micro-grind the ingredients that make up the feed, makes Dibaq Aquaculture the leader as a producer of special feeds for fish of all species and all ages. All of this, together with the possibility of incorporating post-extrusion heat sensitive nutrients and fresh raw materials thanks to our sophisticated equipment, allows the feed produced by Dibaq to be of a remarkable quality.

Our facilities, our extensive team of professionals and the most advanced fish feed production technologies enable our customers to have complete feed programs, able to adapt successfully to different farming conditions.


Another key to the growth of our company is our R&D Area and our laboratories, where veterinarians, biologists, chemists and engineers work.


Thanks to them, we are able to control our products, performing complete analyses of feed, species and processes. And we are also able to take various lines of action, such as the design of new feed formulas, the preparation of diets for new species, the development of new production processes and the contrast of industrial results.


In addition, to secure the future, we have established agreements with external institutions, research centres and universities around the world.With these partnerships, we help promote research, focus on continuous improvement, and ensure that our scientific standards are at the forefront on a global level.



Thanks to our experience and close collaboration with highly recognised centres, we have participated in countless research projects. Some of the initiatives we have been involved in have been: