The European Aquaculture Conference was held in Rimini, Italy, on September 27, 28, 29 and 30 with the title, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN A CHANGING WORLD.

Traditionally, Dibaq Aquaculture has attended this event as a follow-up to its external communication and commercial strategy.

The trade show was attended by many exhibitors from the sector, from different European origins, as well as from USA and Canada, highlighting, on this occasion, companies that distribute highly technological equipment for aquaculture production, as well as health additives and ingredients.

Regarding the lectures, they were scheduled on different current subjects of interest for the sector: Nutrition, such as presentations on novel ingredients and functional ones; reproduction and broodstock management; fish welfare; precision farming, modeling, and artificial intelligence, among others.

Thanks to this event, we had the opportunity to meet again, with colleagues from the sector, having the chance to exchange impressions and knowledge about the aquaculture activity.

Usually, Dibaq Aquaculture, maintains an intense external communication activity throughout the year, and combines its attendance at conferences and specialized courses in aquaculture with its presence at the most important events of the sector.

To be part of these events, is key in our expanding policy to foreign markets, where we dedicate a high percentage of our global production.