As a result of innovation and continuous improvement, Dibaq announces a new product line: Dibaq AquaSafe ®, in which we have been actively working in recent months. It is an internal quality seal to differentiate our high-value products.


The seal of Dibaq Aquaculture has always been of a valuable company, specialized in the manufacture of special and differentiated products, using high quality raw materials, micronutrients and functional components. However, as a result of the innovation and needs of our global market, we have managed to go further and improve the quality of our nutrients, additives and formulas in our products with this new seal that aims to provide value and differentiation to our clients and achieve them the maximum performance in their production.


Why have we called it AquaSafe?


This concept includes the sustainability and safety of water and Planet Earth, as well as the health and safety of fish fed with our products, stimulating the immune system, protecting them against internal and external parasites and improving productive performance, lowering the appearance of diseases and the use of antibiotics and treatments. Therefore, it is a global concept that offers and focuses on the safety of the planet and fish, through prevention.


The results obtained by customers around the world who use our new Products Premium Dibaq AquaSafe line, whether in cages, tanks, ponds, etc., show the great effectiveness it has in the objectives to be achieved with this range launch. A lower mortality and presence of internal intestinal and external branchial pathogens and parasites, provided by the additives and natural extracts that make up our products, long studied and tested, are summarized in better productivity and lower economic losses, both due to low daily mortality and for treatments that are expensive and sometimes harmful to fish.


In addition, with the improvement in the manufacture of the product, through a new micronization system, the quality and sustanaible origin of raw materials, the addition of organic minerals and compounds, essential fatty acids, nucleotides, and natural additives that help digestion and absorption of nutrients, we have managed to shorten the production stage to the maximum by making the fish fed with our AquaSafe products, take full advantage of the nutrients that are provided and lower the cost of production to the producer.


Main concepts


  1. Nutraceutical activity: nutraceuticals are products derived from natural extracts whose nutritional and functional characteristics have benefits, improve health and, therefore, reduce the risk of disease and increase performance. These substances help to maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiota and have a favorable impact on the health and immunity of fish, something that Dibaq Aquaculture considers very important and that is why we give priority to these compounds, available in different formats and combinations.


  1.  Antiparasitic activity: natural additives that lower mortality and presence of internal intestinal and external branchial pathogens and parasites.


  1.  Sustainability: focuses on compensating for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is made up of three pillars: economic, environmental and social. At Dibaq Aquaculture we have adopted an environmentally responsible policy by including fishmeal and fish oil from sustainable fisheries along with the inclusion of alternative protein sources. In this way, we help our clients in their goal of being potential and sustainable protein producers for world production. Last but not least, our manufacturing method is environmentally friendly by minimizing and reusing waste and using 100% recyclable bags.


  1. Technology. Improvement and expansion of micro-pellets in hatchery products :the size of the individual particles of a granule and, therefore, the degree of grinding of a food have an important effect on the digestibility of the raw materials of the feed, increasing it and, consequently, improving the productive results. Obtaining our new line of Microbaq AquaSafe segmented and adapted for different species is especially beneficial for carnivorous fish, having a short digestive tract, and for larvae and fry.


  1. Digestive and Functional Activity: it is summarized in an improvement in the nutritional quality of the feed through proteases, nucleotids, short chain fatty acids, organic minerals and natural additives that optimize its use in the digestive tract. In addition, it allows a correct intestinal health in high diets of vegetable flours, using less fish meal and lowering costs to the client and improving the performance and the immune status of the fish, besides improving sustainability.


Among the examples of nutraceutical and antiparasitic activity we have the following AquaSafe products.


AquaSafe 4Tress


In addition to stimulating immunity, due to it favors the intestinal health of fish, which leads to a better nutrient absorption surface, and an increase in growth, as well as better microbiota and cellular immunity, the products that contains this natural additives are effective against internal parasites, such as myxosporidia in the intestine (E. leei) (image 1).


In comparative trials with different batches of sea bream fed with control feed or DIBAQ AquaSafe® 4Tress, it was observed that at the end of the trial, some of the animals in the group fed with control feed showed what it is called “knife syndrome” or extreme thinness, caused by the intestinal Myxozoo called Enteromyxum leei.


In image 1, in sea breams of the control feed, the villi appeared very thickened and even fused as a consequence of the inflammatory process caused by the parasite. It is observed in the final control image that the intestinal mucosa does not occupy more than half of the intestinal lumen.


In contrast, sea breams fed with DIBAQ AquaSafe®4Tress showed an increase in the mucosal surface that covers practically the entire intestinal lumen. This is due to the increase in the length of the villi and the depth of the crypt, as shown in the photos. The inflammatory process and the parasite load are reduced.


Compared with the appearance of the intestinal mucosa at the beginning of the experience, the DIBAQ AquaSafe® 4Tress food have a beneficial effect on the intestinal surface, which favors a greater capacity for nutrients absorption, and with it an improvement in growth. The increase in cell turnover, improves the elimination of intracellular parasites such as protozoa (E. leei), reducing the parasite load and secondarily the inflammatory reaction, avoiding symptoms such as weight loss and mortality.


It is concluded as a tool for the control of this parasite.


Regarding its internal antiparasitic function, it is recommended at times of rise in temperatures in summer, since in the transmission of E. leei, the temperature of the water plays an important role, verifying an evident relationship between temperature and prevalence. Low temperatures have an inhibitory effect on the development of enteromyxosis, but the infection usually reappears when the temperature rises again in spring. For this reason it is a good option if the fish stocked from April-May are given AquaSafe 4Tress from the beginning and for several months. Afterwards, we can rest for several weeks and use it again until the temperatures are low again.



In image 2, in a test using sea bream and sea bass, it was found that mortality was lower in fish that had been fed with Dibaq AquaSafe 4Tress, due to its immunostimulating effect.



During the same test, the SGR (specific growth rate) was measured. Image 3 shows a higher final weight gain in seabreams and seabass fed with DIBAQ AquaSafe® 4Tress. This additive shortens the production cycle, as the fish reach their selling size sooner.



AquaSafe Br


This product, made up of several specific natural additives for gill parasites (monogeneous), is recommended to be used in the time of greatest prevalence, that is, with increases in temperature from spring, being especially recommended during the summer months.


In image 4, in the results of a test carried out with two control feeds and AquaSafe Br in sea bream, we see how the prevalence of gill parasite infection, that is, the number of infected fish, is lower in fish fed with the products with Dibaq AquaSafe Br.



AquaSafe S


Another one between our nutraceutical and health products, among the recommendations to give this product to the fish, are at times when you want to boost growth, prepare them for stress situations (prior to biometrics, manipulations, storms) and reduce intestinal and general inflammation of the organism that usually causes a form of intensive production as occurs in aquaculture.


Between the AquaSafe concepts, we give priority to animal welfare and the prevention of parasitic, bacterial and virological diseases, through the best possible diet. For best results, the use of our products and natural additives with immunostimulating, antiparasitic, antistressing, anti-inflammatory and growth-promoting functions should be based on the way of production, epidemiological history, handling and characteristics of each farm.