We are aware of the importance of respecting the environment and the resources it offers us. That is why at Dibaq Aquaculture we take care of our environment, adopting sustainability in every step we take.

With this approach always in mind, we are currently working on several lines of action, due to which we have obtained the Sustainability Certificate granted by CHEP for our contribution to the protection of the environment and the promotion of a sustainable logistics model.

Our sustainable initiatives and actions include:


It is estimated that there are around 1400 billion cubic kilometres of water on Earth. If we want a sustainable future, it is essential to carefully manage this resource which is essential to the life of the planet, as the United Nations says.However, many water environments are currently suffering from continuous deterioration due to the effects of climate change, increased pollution, over-exploitation of resources or acidification, which are having an adverse effect on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.

At Dibaq Aquaculture we seek to reverse this situation and protect the oceans, seas and rivers through our Dibaq Oceans initiative, taking care of both the existing water and the resources and species that live there. We work day by day to maintain these habitats, prevent over-exploitation of natural species and raise awareness of the dangers of pollution.



At Dibaq Aquaculture we are aware of the importance of working with first-quality raw materials, which have been selected in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. We are therefore constantly monitoring the origin and traceability of selected ingredients.

With this goal in mind, we apply a rigorous program to select our partners and suppliers of raw materials. We work only with those who hold the certificate of animal welfare (in addition to other recognition such as the Marine Stewardship Council) and visit them regularly to ensure compliance with the expected quality standards and applicable legislation.

In addition, in our search for premium raw materials, we always consider the sustainability of our planet. That’s why we work with sustainable crops that produce their materials without sacrificing the future. We work only with those who are committed to environmentally sound and socially responsible agriculture, and who seek the best long-term results for forests, climate stability, and livelihoods.

We are also committed to a close economy, working mainly with suppliers in our nearest environment. Our intention Boosting the local economy and minimising the transport footprint of CO2. Thanks to our logistics partners and their extensive experience, the selected raw materials arrive at our facilities in the shortest possible time and in the best conditions, thus ensuring their freshness and quality.



As a result, at Dibaq Aquaculture we have been optimising our production processes for years to achieve the following goals:

When it comes to caring for the planet, it is essential to be responsible for the impact each one has on their environment. That is why we have defined an Environmental Regulation for the progressive integration of environmental variables in our own facilities, with the aim of boosting eco-efficiency.


Climate change is one of the major threats that the planet faces today. This phenomenon, widely recognised by the scientific community because of its importance, is due to both natural causes and human actions, and affects the aquaculture sector very directly.

At Dibaq Aquaculture we are aware of its importance and we are concerned about the numerous impacts that we can witness to a greater or lesser extent in aquaculture production (from an increase in frequency, intensity and duration of cyanobacteria blooms to the development of infectious diseases due to high temperatures or severe weather events).

To avoid these problems, we must fight climate change and try to mitigate its effects, creating a clearer and more sustainable future. That is why Dibaq Aquaculture has chosen an environmentally friendly production mode through the reuse of by-products, the minimisation of waste and the use of 100% recyclable packaging.

We also believe that we must act accordingly, for example by establishing protocols for the identification and monitoring of new diseases and by controlling the stress that climate change causes in water ecosystems by species monitoring.



It is also important to mention that at Dibaq Aquaculture we work with different species of fish and strive day by day for their welfare. We understand the effects that stress can cause on their growth, so we work to reduce that stress and safeguard their welfare and comfort.

To meet our goal, we have a wide range of fish feeds, adapted to their life cycle and feeding needs, made from the best raw materials and the most natural and healthy recipes. In addition, we are committed to continuous innovation and research, with the intention of adapting techniques, processes, products and diets to emerging needs, and providing fish with solutions suitable for their health and welfare.

On the other hand, we also collaborate with projects that seek to improve the life of fish. We seek to promote sustainable aquaculture in our community, through innovative and efficient technologies to obtain feed of great gastronomic value and of a high nutritional and sanitary quality, not polluting the water nor its environment.

We are what we eat. They are too.