We are pleased to share our participation in the recent XXIII Aquaculture Seminar and in the OmegaPeixe WorkShop, an event that brought together experts from the Portuguese industry to discuss strategies that promote the sustainability, competitiveness and diversification of the sector.


Both meetings brought together professionals and creative minds from the country’s aquaculture, with the aim of addressing current and future challenges.


As fish feed manufacturers committed to quality and innovation, we believe that these platforms are essential to keep us informed and connected with the latest developments in the sector in Portugal. Sustainability, competitiveness and diversification are essential elements for the growth of aquaculture, and we are proud to contribute to these objectives.


During the seminar, we had the opportunity to interact with passionate colleagues and experts, and we shared our perspectives on how to move towards a brighter future for aquaculture. Rich conversations and inspiring ideas motivate us to continue to innovate and collaborate to address the challenges and seize the opportunities emerging in our industry.


We thank all the participants, organizers and collaborators of both the XXIII Aquaculture Seminar and the OmegaPeixe WorkShop for creating a space conducive to the exchange of knowledge and collaboration. We are excited to continue to be an active part of these efforts and work together towards a strong future for global aquaculture.