On November 22, Dibaq Aquaculture attended the XVIII National Aquaculture Congress in Cádiz. The representation of the company was carried out by our colleague Antonio Garcia, commercial veterinary technician from the Department of Nutrition, Health and Animal Welfare. In this Congress there were both representatives of production companies, aquaculture feed, aquaculture material, vaccines, etc., as well as researchers from the sector from Universities and Research Centers, both nationally and internationally.

During the course of the Congress, the different investigations carried out by researchers and companies were presented, always in the field of aquaculture, related to topics such as pathology, nutrition and food, sustainability, new species, etc.

This Congress was very enriching, since in addition to the interesting presentations, in the coffee-breaks all the attendees met to greet each other and chat. As our colleague Antonio García comments, “it is always nice to be able to meet in person with all the colleagues and friends of the sector and catch up on issues that are not only professional, but also personal, and even more so in a place as wonderful as Cádiz is”.

ACUACULTURE, yes o no?


Dibaq was present at the event, which took place on 16 November in the Auditorium of the Provincial Council of Alicante (ADDA), has been focused on the construction of a space for dialogue focused on discussing the possibilities that aquaculture activity has for local economies.

A sector compatible with the usual wealth-generating sectors, such as tourism or fishing, which is a sustainable complement, notable in gender equality and quality for coastal municipalities and empty Spain.

From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., different presentations were given by politicians, institutions, fishermen’s guilds and researchers. Among them, such outstanding personalities as the aforementioned Quique Dacosta or the director and producer of documentaries, Céline Cousteau.


The European Aquaculture Conference was held in Rimini, Italy, on September 27, 28, 29 and 30 with the title, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN A CHANGING WORLD.

Traditionally, Dibaq Aquaculture has attended this event as a follow-up to its external communication and commercial strategy.

The trade show was attended by many exhibitors from the sector, from different European origins, as well as from USA and Canada, highlighting, on this occasion, companies that distribute highly technological equipment for aquaculture production, as well as health additives and ingredients.

Regarding the lectures, they were scheduled on different current subjects of interest for the sector: Nutrition, such as presentations on novel ingredients and functional ones; reproduction and broodstock management; fish welfare; precision farming, modeling, and artificial intelligence, among others.

Thanks to this event, we had the opportunity to meet again, with colleagues from the sector, having the chance to exchange impressions and knowledge about the aquaculture activity.

Usually, Dibaq Aquaculture, maintains an intense external communication activity throughout the year, and combines its attendance at conferences and specialized courses in aquaculture with its presence at the most important events of the sector.

To be part of these events, is key in our expanding policy to foreign markets, where we dedicate a high percentage of our global production.