We are pleased to share our participation in the recent XXIII Aquaculture Seminar and in the OmegaPeixe WorkShop, an event that brought together experts from the Portuguese industry to discuss strategies that promote the sustainability, competitiveness and diversification of the sector.


Both meetings brought together professionals and creative minds from the country’s aquaculture, with the aim of addressing current and future challenges.


As fish feed manufacturers committed to quality and innovation, we believe that these platforms are essential to keep us informed and connected with the latest developments in the sector in Portugal. Sustainability, competitiveness and diversification are essential elements for the growth of aquaculture, and we are proud to contribute to these objectives.


During the seminar, we had the opportunity to interact with passionate colleagues and experts, and we shared our perspectives on how to move towards a brighter future for aquaculture. Rich conversations and inspiring ideas motivate us to continue to innovate and collaborate to address the challenges and seize the opportunities emerging in our industry.


We thank all the participants, organizers and collaborators of both the XXIII Aquaculture Seminar and the OmegaPeixe WorkShop for creating a space conducive to the exchange of knowledge and collaboration. We are excited to continue to be an active part of these efforts and work together towards a strong future for global aquaculture.


Last month, Dibaq Aquaculture received the visit of an Estonian delegation made up of farmers, specialists, scientists and researchers from the world of aquaculture. In total, a group of 15 people who were able to learn, enjoy and contact our facilities to make an ambitious aquaculture growth plan a reality in their country, where Dibaq Aquaculture intends to play a privileged role both in the marketing of food and in consultancy and advice to Estonian entrepreneurs.


The Dibaq Group was at the annual exhibition of marine producers in Korea, BEXCO, one more year bringing the best of its products and R+D+i focusing this year on new species of the future as the Seriola quinquerradiata and new products for RAS culture.

For this, DIBAQ, with the help of the Director of Marine Products Eloy Meseguer and our local partner Otti Rim, gave a conference to demonstrate the potential of our new products in local aquaculture.


On November 22, Dibaq Aquaculture attended the XVIII National Aquaculture Congress in Cádiz. The representation of the company was carried out by our colleague Antonio Garcia, commercial veterinary technician from the Department of Nutrition, Health and Animal Welfare. In this Congress there were both representatives of production companies, aquaculture feed, aquaculture material, vaccines, etc., as well as researchers from the sector from Universities and Research Centers, both nationally and internationally.

During the course of the Congress, the different investigations carried out by researchers and companies were presented, always in the field of aquaculture, related to topics such as pathology, nutrition and food, sustainability, new species, etc.

This Congress was very enriching, since in addition to the interesting presentations, in the coffee-breaks all the attendees met to greet each other and chat. As our colleague Antonio García comments, “it is always nice to be able to meet in person with all the colleagues and friends of the sector and catch up on issues that are not only professional, but also personal, and even more so in a place as wonderful as Cádiz is”.

ACUACULTURE, yes o no?


Dibaq was present at the event, which took place on 16 November in the Auditorium of the Provincial Council of Alicante (ADDA), has been focused on the construction of a space for dialogue focused on discussing the possibilities that aquaculture activity has for local economies.

A sector compatible with the usual wealth-generating sectors, such as tourism or fishing, which is a sustainable complement, notable in gender equality and quality for coastal municipalities and empty Spain.

From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., different presentations were given by politicians, institutions, fishermen’s guilds and researchers. Among them, such outstanding personalities as the aforementioned Quique Dacosta or the director and producer of documentaries, Céline Cousteau.


Our experience as manufacturers of aquaculture feeds allows us to achieve healthy, digestible products with a high conversion rate, made using cutting-edge technology, capable of maintaining their structure in the water, meeting the requirements of floating or sinking, and highly resistant to transport. and storage.

Our manufacturing process based on twin-screw extrusion technology allows the transformation of solid materials by mixing, heating, cooking, gelatinizing and molding until a very high-quality product is obtained for a wide variety of aquatic species.

The know-how accumulated over the years is the cornerstone of our internal training system where all the knowledge is transmitted to the people we incorporate into our project -DIBAQ LEARN.

An experienced team of technicians specialized in manufacturing is responsible for transmitting the knowledge to the people who join the training process. During this stage, the trainer accompanies the student throughout the learning period, explaining all the variables of the process through detailed controls established at different points of the manufacturing line, paying special attention to the optimization of energy costs, closely related to know-how. , experience and skill of our staff.

We use sustainability criteria as a reference in our production processes, both in the design of facilities and in the operation of processes. The energy efficiency we have been working on for years allows us to achieve the double objective of optimizing production costs (an aspect that is particularly relevant currently due to rising energy prices) and respect for the environment. In this last chapter we have implemented policies and certifications for the minimization of process impacts on atmospheric emissions, effluents, and waste.


Two years ago, we received with disbelief and surprise what is already considered one of the 10 worst pandemics in the mankind history. In the 21st century, in full digital transformation, it was difficult to assimilate how an organism of tenths of microns in size put planet Earth against the ropes.

Today we know much more about SARS-CoV-2 and thanks to new protection and immunization technologies, we can talk about this disease from another perspective, fortunately with greater optimism and recover the enthusiasm that has always characterized us.

Last year in this letter, we pointed to 2021 was going to come loaded with challenges and opportunities. About to end, it has undoubtedly been like that. The world has changed. We are moving in a new paradigm where companies and people must adapt with different rules of the game and use innovative tools to satisfy the needs that the future brings to you, our customers.

In all this time, Dibaq Aquaculture has never stopped working on its basic pillars: innovation, quality, service, differentiation, sustainability, and internationalization. With conviction and perseverance, this year that is ending we have managed to maintain our brand with pride in 30 countries spread over the 4 continents where we have also fed a total of 23 different species.

Along this path, in addition to renewing, among others, the Global Gap certification, we have managed to get certified by the prestigious BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), being the only aquaculture feed company in Europe to be accredited. Undoubtedly a great achievement of which we are very proud and in which we have bet with the sole reason of adding value to the companies that consume our products. I am convinced that it will be so.

After more than 35 years in the aquaculture sector, our goals remain intact. We want to continue contributing our talent and knowledge to modernize Aquaculture in the world. Optimize its image, advance its sustainability and competitiveness without forgetting the care of our Planet, as a maximum responsibility and as it well reflects our purpose and commitment to the SDGs that we already communicate and declare.

I did not want to finalize my letter, without thanking my heart for your trust and commitment to our company and our brand, and to send you all our support and enthusiasm for the year 2022. I am convinced as a team, we will deal with adversities and continue to build together a sustainable sector of future for new generations.

Warm regards,

José Luis Tejedor, General Director of Dibaq Aquaculture


Humanity is witnessing historical moments of uncertainty and tremendous difficulty. Nature has spoken clearly, and our obligation is to respond to his call with commitment and responsibility. Without palliative.

Planet Earth, and we with it, must together choose the future and legacy that we want to share with future generations. The challenge is enormous, and we, at Dibaq Aquaculture, want to do our bit and be part of the Challenge, because we are convinced, behind there are huge opportunities.

And precisely challenges and opportunities, are the sources from which we drink and enrich us day by day, with projects and collaborations like yours.

We are ending an atypical 2020, with a presence in more than 30 countries on 4 continents where we have managed, not without effort, to diversify our products and services 360º to feed more than 25 aquaculture species. All this, at the rate that sustainability, the circular economy and respect for the environment require.

We have innovated in water-friendly recipes and reinvented the manufacture and cooking of our products. It has been possible to extrude micropellets / pellets from 60µm to 22mm and we have opted for the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials. All these achievements have been accompanied by a change of image, taking advantage of our more than 30 years of internationalization with feeding programs in aquaculture around the world.

The safety, protection and care of the Planet and of all the beings that inhabit it must be at the same time a commitment, an obligation for all of us. With that intention, this year we have dedicated all our effort and enthusiasm to launch our AquaSafe® quality seal, in the same way that we have renewed the Global Gap certification in its highest qualification or accredited in Protocols against Covid by AENOR and Family Responsible Company (FRC).

I did not want to say goodbye without greatly appreciating your trust and interest in our company and all that it does. We are firmly convinced that 2021 will come loaded with new opportunities and challenges and we will be happy to share them with you.

Warm regards,

José Luis Tejedor, General Director of Dibaq Aquaculture