Innovation at Dibaq Aquaculture is totally focused on achieving the best economic situation for our customers throughout the production cycle. Research programs focused on feed efficiency range from the development of functional ingredients for production competition to the reduction of emissions.

Our ultimate goal is to apply the research implemented in innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry, whether in the form of products, methodologies or improvements in production, always thinking about the benefit of our customers.

At Dibaq Aquaculture, we focus on driving sustainable, nutritional, health and farm-related solutions with an integrated value proposal for our customers. We validate our hypotheses, and we are in tune with the global forces driving change on our planet.

By expanding our innovation capabilities, we have pioneered an innovation movement that inspires all of our colleagues to use innovation methodology in their daily work.

We collaborate with many research centres in many countries around the world, from government institutions to leading universities. Our collaborations are one of the links between industry and academia, and they promote intensive research, resulting in new insights for the development of high-performance nutritional solutions and services.

As a result of innovation and continuous improvement, at Dibaq Aquaculture we have developed a new product line, Dibaq AquaSafe ®, on which we have been actively working. It is an internal quality seal to differentiate our high-value products. We have launched AquaSafe for customers who seek to maximise the production capacity of their facilities and generate the maximum possible value in their production, better performance, better animal welfare, increased productivity and respect for the environment and sustainability.

Dibaq Aquaculture’s hallmark has always been that of a valuable company, specialised in the production of special and differentiated products, using high-quality raw materials, micronutrients and functional components. However, as a result of the innovation and needs of our global market, we have been able to go further and improve the quality of our nutrients, additives and formulas in our products with this new seal that aims to bring value and differentiation to our customers and to achieve maximum performance in their production.