Regulations governing the collection and processing of seafood for human consumption are among the strictest in the world. Aquaculture standards have been developed for many years and high-quality fish and shrimp feed is a prerequisite for the industry.

To minimise industry exposure to risk, at Dibaq Aquaculture we have implemented dynamic quality assurance and controls at every stage of our production cycles. These controls have been developed in such a way that all potential risks associated with the production of aquaculture feed are minimised and any irregularities are detected and acted upon quickly.

In addition to auditing all of our internal operations, all of our suppliers undergo a comprehensive evaluation and approval process to ensure the supply of resources that are renewable, responsibly managed and top quality. Thorough analysis of all approved raw materials is then carried out both at the time of delivery and throughout the formulation process and to the point where the feed is delivered to our customers.

We can also track individual batches of raw materials to the farm where they were produced. This unique concept allows our customers and end consumers to have full confidence and assurance with respect to the feed used by the aquaculture industry.