Humanity is witnessing historical moments of uncertainty and tremendous difficulty. Nature has spoken clearly, and our obligation is to respond to his call with commitment and responsibility. Without palliative.

Planet Earth, and we with it, must together choose the future and legacy that we want to share with future generations. The challenge is enormous, and we, at Dibaq Aquaculture, want to do our bit and be part of the Challenge, because we are convinced, behind there are huge opportunities.

And precisely challenges and opportunities, are the sources from which we drink and enrich us day by day, with projects and collaborations like yours.

We are ending an atypical 2020, with a presence in more than 30 countries on 4 continents where we have managed, not without effort, to diversify our products and services 360º to feed more than 25 aquaculture species. All this, at the rate that sustainability, the circular economy and respect for the environment require.

We have innovated in water-friendly recipes and reinvented the manufacture and cooking of our products. It has been possible to extrude micropellets / pellets from 60µm to 22mm and we have opted for the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials. All these achievements have been accompanied by a change of image, taking advantage of our more than 30 years of internationalization with feeding programs in aquaculture around the world.

The safety, protection and care of the Planet and of all the beings that inhabit it must be at the same time a commitment, an obligation for all of us. With that intention, this year we have dedicated all our effort and enthusiasm to launch our AquaSafe® quality seal, in the same way that we have renewed the Global Gap certification in its highest qualification or accredited in Protocols against Covid by AENOR and Family Responsible Company (FRC).

I did not want to say goodbye without greatly appreciating your trust and interest in our company and all that it does. We are firmly convinced that 2021 will come loaded with new opportunities and challenges and we will be happy to share them with you.

Warm regards,

José Luis Tejedor, General Director of Dibaq Aquaculture