Two years ago, we received with disbelief and surprise what is already considered one of the 10 worst pandemics in the mankind history. In the 21st century, in full digital transformation, it was difficult to assimilate how an organism of tenths of microns in size put planet Earth against the ropes.

Today we know much more about SARS-CoV-2 and thanks to new protection and immunization technologies, we can talk about this disease from another perspective, fortunately with greater optimism and recover the enthusiasm that has always characterized us.

Last year in this letter, we pointed to 2021 was going to come loaded with challenges and opportunities. About to end, it has undoubtedly been like that. The world has changed. We are moving in a new paradigm where companies and people must adapt with different rules of the game and use innovative tools to satisfy the needs that the future brings to you, our customers.

In all this time, Dibaq Aquaculture has never stopped working on its basic pillars: innovation, quality, service, differentiation, sustainability, and internationalization. With conviction and perseverance, this year that is ending we have managed to maintain our brand with pride in 30 countries spread over the 4 continents where we have also fed a total of 23 different species.

Along this path, in addition to renewing, among others, the Global Gap certification, we have managed to get certified by the prestigious BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), being the only aquaculture feed company in Europe to be accredited. Undoubtedly a great achievement of which we are very proud and in which we have bet with the sole reason of adding value to the companies that consume our products. I am convinced that it will be so.

After more than 35 years in the aquaculture sector, our goals remain intact. We want to continue contributing our talent and knowledge to modernize Aquaculture in the world. Optimize its image, advance its sustainability and competitiveness without forgetting the care of our Planet, as a maximum responsibility and as it well reflects our purpose and commitment to the SDGs that we already communicate and declare.

I did not want to finalize my letter, without thanking my heart for your trust and commitment to our company and our brand, and to send you all our support and enthusiasm for the year 2022. I am convinced as a team, we will deal with adversities and continue to build together a sustainable sector of future for new generations.

Warm regards,

José Luis Tejedor, General Director of Dibaq Aquaculture