Our experience as manufacturers of aquaculture feeds allows us to achieve healthy, digestible products with a high conversion rate, made using cutting-edge technology, capable of maintaining their structure in the water, meeting the requirements of floating or sinking, and highly resistant to transport. and storage.

Our manufacturing process based on twin-screw extrusion technology allows the transformation of solid materials by mixing, heating, cooking, gelatinizing and molding until a very high-quality product is obtained for a wide variety of aquatic species.

The know-how accumulated over the years is the cornerstone of our internal training system where all the knowledge is transmitted to the people we incorporate into our project -DIBAQ LEARN.

An experienced team of technicians specialized in manufacturing is responsible for transmitting the knowledge to the people who join the training process. During this stage, the trainer accompanies the student throughout the learning period, explaining all the variables of the process through detailed controls established at different points of the manufacturing line, paying special attention to the optimization of energy costs, closely related to know-how. , experience and skill of our staff.

We use sustainability criteria as a reference in our production processes, both in the design of facilities and in the operation of processes. The energy efficiency we have been working on for years allows us to achieve the double objective of optimizing production costs (an aspect that is particularly relevant currently due to rising energy prices) and respect for the environment. In this last chapter we have implemented policies and certifications for the minimization of process impacts on atmospheric emissions, effluents, and waste.